Demolition in Alpharetta

Sometimes, it’s time to move on from the old things in our life. When those things happen to be sheds, patios, decks, and more, you can’t just forget about them. No, you need demolition in Alpharetta. Fortunately, 5 Star Junk Removal is here to offer the teardown help you need!

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Full-Service Demolition in Alpharetta

5 Star Junk Removal is your locally owned and operated solution for not just regular junk removal, but for Alpharetta demolition, as well. Why settle for less when you choose a business you can trust? Our team has talent, kindness, and professionalism—something that other service providers just can’t outdo. You can count on to tear down whatever structure it is you want gone. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied—in fact, you might even call it a “five-star” experience!

A deconstructed deck for demolition

How Do I Start?

Ready to reach out to us? First, all you have to do is give us a phone call. Or, if you’d prefer, use our online booking tool.. Then, one of our 5 Star Junk Removal employees will be right with you to start planning your demolition in Alpharetta. We’ll give you an over-the-phone estimate and a 2-hour estimate so you get a general idea of what to expect! After all, we’re committed to giving you an efficient service, and an affordable service, too!

Finally, your appointment is all set up! Not difficult at all, wouldn’t you say? Now that you’ve contracted the help of 5 Star Junk Removal, you’ve got free time you would’ve had to spend on your Alpharetta demolition. Why not spend it around town, then, and see what Alpharetta has to offer?

What’s the Cost?

It’s an important question. How much will it cost for us to do this job for you? At 5 Star Junk Removal, we like to keep things simple and easy. Generally, our pricing reflects this philosophy: most of the time, we just charge based on how much space the debris takes up in our truck. That’s right. No labor fees included.

However, from time to time, some jobs can be more difficult than usual. For instance, maybe your structure is in a hard-to-reach location, or it could even be abnormally large. In these cases, we may need to charge a nominal fee for your demolition in Alpharetta. But, don’t worry—that’s why we offer our quotes ahead of time, so any extra costs won’t catch you by surprise.

What Happens During an Appointment?

Why, 5 Star Junk Removal gears up to get the job done, that’s what! Before our uniformed team arrives at your property, we’ll first give you a courtesy call so you know to expect us. Then, once we’ve assessed the structure you need demolished, we’ll give you a final, in-person quote. Agree to it, and our team will start their work right away. You might even find yourself watching us tear down that old structure piece by piece. Or, you could go about with your day and let us handle the hard work. Either way, you know that 5 Star Junk Removal will get your demolition in Alpharetta done right.

Steps to Get Started

  1. First, call us or book online.
  2. You’ll soon be greeted by one of our friendly 5 Star employees. Now, tell us about your job and schedule a 2-hour arrival window that works for you.
  3. Wait for our courtesy call, then greet us outside! You’ll be happy to see a friendly, in-uniform team that’s ready to help you.
  4. Next, we’ll assess the work and give you a final, in-person quote.
  5. Finally, accept the quote—and watch us hop to it!

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Instant Quote

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