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The family-owned and operated team at 5 Star Junk Removal has all the tools, skills, and know-how needed to haul a variety of items. Check out our list of junk removal items. You Name It! We Junk It!

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Junk Removal Items by 5 Star Junk Removal

Here at 5 Star Junk Removal, we proudly accept a wide range of junk removal items. From appliances to furniture items, concrete, hot tubs, and even demolition projects, we can help you! On top of that, we will do our best to donate and recycle everything we can, reducing the strain on landfills and giving back to the environment! You Name It! We Junk It!

Common Items We Take

Items We Don’t Accept
Car Fluids like Oil and Antifreeze
Wet Paint
Herbicides and Pesticides
Fuels like Gasoline
Pressurized Containers
Bleach and Cleaners
Biohazard Items
Items Too Large to Lift Safely
Any Other Hazardous Materials

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