Hot Tub Removal

That old hot tub of yours has served you well over the years. Unfortunately, as time has passed, it has become worn down and in disrepair. Why continue to hold onto that old eyesore when you could have it gone by the end of today or tomorrow? Get in touch with 5 Star Junk Removal for unbeatable hot tub removal services. You Name It! We Junk It!

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Hot Tub Removal with 5 Star Junk Removal

The time has finally come–are you ready to get rid of your unwanted hot tub but don’t know where to start? You can leave it to the professionals at 5 Star Junk Removal! We have the tools and know-how to break down your complicated hot tub and load the pieces into our truck.

Get to Know Us

Based out of Alpharetta, 5 Star Junk Removal is your go-to team of rubbish removal experts specializing in services such as hot tub removal, appliance removal, and much more! We’re committed to taking care of our community, so we always do our best to donate and recycle everything we can!

Hot Tub Removal When You Need It

We know that you’re ready to get rid of your hot tub now–not next week! Luckily for you, we answer our phone around the clock, so no matter when you need to get in touch with us, we are here to assist you. On top of that, we proudly accommodate same and next-day appointments, so your hot tub removal job could be finished as soon as the end of today!

What You Can Expect

When you first call us, we’ll ask you to describe your hot tub or Jacuzzi and where it’s located. We’ll give you a no-obligations estimate and work with you to establish an appointment window. You better believe that we’ll arrive on time and in uniform for your appointment!

The Cost of Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs are bulky and complicated with a lot of different parts–hot tub removal must be expensive, right? With 5 Star Junk Removal, it doesn’t have to be! For your sake, we keep our pricing simple; we’ll only charge you for the space your old hot tub takes up in our truck! Labor isn’t included!

Do We Add Nominal Fees?

We’re glad you asked! If your hot tub is especially difficult to move or located in an awkward location, we may add a nominal fee for the extra labor. That said, once we give you one of our famous, upfront quotes, that’s what you’ll pay! We promise not to change our price on you after the fact, and we won’t do any work until you give us the go-ahead!

Don’t Wait! Get in Touch with 5 Star Junk Removal Today!

It’s time to reclaim the space that your old, unwanted hot tub or Jacuzzi has been taking up this whole time. You can have it gone in no-time when you contact the professionals at 5 Star Junk Removal for your hot tub removal job. You can get in touch with us by calling our service number, visiting our Contact Us page, or using our online booking tool. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Get Started on Your Hot Tub Removal Appointment with 5 Star Junk Removal

  1. To get started on your hot tub removal appointment, simply call 5 Star Junk Removal, visit our Contact Us page, or book online.
  2. During our initial phone call, we will offer you an initial estimate and work with you to establish a 2-hour arrival window.
  3. When we’re on our way, we will give you a friendly courtesy call.
  4. After arriving at your home, we will take a look at your old hot tub and give you a firm, upfront quote for the job.
  5. Finally, just approve our quote and we’ll haul off your hot tub or Jacuzzi in no-time!