Tips for Cleaning Out Your Apartment – Everything You Need to Know

When you know it has to be done but don’t know where to start, let these apartment cleaning tips be your guide!


If you’re cleaning up your current apartment or prepping for a big move, then start with step #1. If you need tips on how to clean an apartment before moving in, then you can skip straight to step #3!


Start with the basics! All you need is a trash bag and a keen eye. Walk through each room looking for clutter and trash that can be thrown away.

  • Bedroom. Clear nightstands and dressers by tossing scrap paper, clothing tags, receipts, shopping bags, and anything else you obviously don’t need to keep.
  • Kitchen. Throw away spoiled food from the fridge and expired food from the pantry. Then clear paper plates, food wrappers, and other garbage from the counters.
  • Living Room. Make a quick pass through the living room and gather up all of the junk mail, gum wrappers, papers, water bottles, and other trash laying around.
  • Bathroom. Toss empty bottles, old razors, empty tissue boxes, outdated makeup, and any other trash from the countertops, drawers, and cabinets.


Now that you’ve cleared out all the trash, you can move on to sorting through other clutter. You’ll need a few boxes or tubs for these apartment cleaning tips. If you’re simply organizing an apartment you still live in, then three boxes should be fine. On the other hand, if you’re focused on how to clean an apartment before moving out, then you’ll need enough boxes to pack as you go.

  • Donation Box. As you begin decluttering your apartment, you’ll undoubtedly come across items that you no longer need. Simply add those to your donation box and when the day is done you can deliver them to your nearest charity thrift store.
  • Recycle Box. As you come across items that can be recycled, add them to this box. You can include many types of magazines, plastics, glass, electronics, batteries, and more!
  • Organize Later Box. Put items in their proper place as you go, but don’t get stalled on items you need to keep that don’t yet have a home. Just add those to this extra box. You’ll be more likely to find them a home after you’ve finished cleaning the apartment.
  • Packing Boxes. If you’re prepping for a move, then you can use extra boxes to pack as you clean. Pack items carefully, organizing by room and type of item. This will make it easier for you to find items as you settle into your new home.
Boxes and bags during the apartment clean out process


Now you’re ready for some deep cleaning! Follow these steps and you’ll have a sparkling clean apartment in no time!

  • Dust. It’s always best to start at the top and work your way down. So, start with a great, all-purpose cleaner and a few cleaning rags. Wipe down furniture, cabinetry, window sills, and appliances. Don’t forget your baseboards!
  • Disinfect. Gather any sponges, brushes, and other cleaners that you’ll need. Scrub the sinks, tubs, counters, mirrors, windows, toilets, and other solid surfaces in your apartment.
  • Final Touches. Now you’re ready to clean the floors in your apartment! Sweep hard floors and then mop thoroughly. Finish your cleaning day by vacuuming carpeted rooms and area rugs. Make sure to get the corners, too!


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