Why You Need Junk Removal in Milton, GA

Why might you need to find your own junk removal service in Milton? It boils down to too much junk, not enough time, and a lack of local resources. 5 Star Junk Removal is a local junk removal crew that is here to help. We’re breaking down the details for you and offering a solution to the issue of why you need junk removal in Milton.


There are many reasons that you might find yourself with more junk and mess than you can handle.

  • General Clutter. It happens to the best of us! We tend to bring in more stuff than we clean out and at some point that all comes to a head. When you’re drowning in clutter and need to do a big cleanout, a regular trash bin just won’t do. A professional junk removal crew will have a capable staff and the proper equipment for moving items. Forget about stuffing junk into trash bags and setting out a few bags at a time. The right crew can have your clutter cleared out in no time!
  • Redecorating. If you’re updating furniture in your home or office, then you’ll need to remove the old stuff. How do you move it safely and where are you supposed to take it all? If your old items aren’t in good enough shape to sell or donate, then you’ll need a plan to get rid of them. Junk removal is the answer!
  • Renovations & Repairs. Are you making some renovations to your place? Whether it’s by choice or by necessity, jobs like these tend to pile up the mess in a hurry. Demolition debris, old appliances, and construction scraps can be hard to toss. You won’t have to stress about hauling all that mess or what the disposal and recycling fees might be if you call in a junk crew to handle it.
  • Moving. Are you prepping for an upcoming move? There’s no doubt that you’ve got junk you don’t want to take along! Don’t pack it up and pay to move it! Have it all hauled away by a crew that will gather it up for you. Are you recovering from a recent move? How do you get rid of all the boxes that won’t fit in your recycling bin? You’ve got it! A junk removal team!
  • Life Changes. Combining households after a new marriage, sorting out possessions after a divorce, and cleaning out an estate after a death are all big tasks. You don’t have to figure out what to do with all that clutter on your own. A full-service junk removal company will sort, gather, remove, and haul away all the items and debris that need to go.


Trash pick-up services in the city of Milton are all private. That means there is no single provider that organizes trash and recycling pickup in the city limits. When you’ve got more junk than you can handle, it might feel particularly frustrating that there is not a simple system to get rid of it all. Here’s a list of questions to help you decide if your trash provider is cutting it and if professional junk removal might be the solution to your big junk problems.

  • Does the provider that you’ve chosen offer any bulky item pickup services?
  • Do large item pickups cost extra?
  • Are there limits to how many items you can dispose of?
  • How often are items picked up?
  • What if recyclables won’t fit in your bin?
  • When does junk have to be on the curb?
  • What are the city and/or HOA penalties if items stay on the curb too long?
  • How can you get large items outside for pickup?


The pandemic has taken its toll on many industries. Trash and recycling are no exception.

  • Staffing Shortages. Milton requires all private trash providers that operate in the city to provide a recycling pickup service as well. Staffing shortages began during the pandemic and have continued industry-wide. This means that there are fewer options available to choose from and services can be unreliable at best.
  • Limited Services. Companies such as Waste Management have had to temporarily suspend some services in the past. As services have been reinstated, they have been modified. Containment rules are strict, only certain materials will be picked up, and services only run once per week.


These are all obstacles to getting rid of extra junk and a great reason why you need junk removal in Milton, GA.

5 Star Junk Removal isn’t just another junk hauling franchise or overwhelmed trash pickup provider!

  • Georgia Locals. We are locally-owned and operated in Marietta, GA. Our team provides junk removal services across Metro Atlanta.
  • Fair Prices. Our rates are upfront, affordable, and all-inclusive. Tell us what needs to go and we’ll give you a quote.
  • Quick Appointments. You can have junk removed as soon as today or tomorrow!
  • Full-Service. Leave that junk where it is. Our guys will remove it from your property and handle all disposal.

Get your junk removal appointment on the books today by calling 404-493-4974 or using our online scheduling system. Either way, we’ll make sure that you’re not stressing about junk for long!