Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage

The Best Way to Clean Garage Disasters

A messy garage can be quite the dilemma. It can be frustrating to step into your garage every day, only to find junk piles everywhere. That’s not even getting into the grime and dirt that naturally accumulates over time. In summary, yuck.

Don’t worry, though. Your garage isn’t permanently stuck in a rut. It just needs a little help getting back to where it needs to be. With our garage cleaning tips, you can bring even the filthiest garages into a manageable state again.

Garage Cleaning Tips for the Overwhelmed

Let’s get started on cleaning up your garage. We’ve come up with a handy numbered list for you to follow along with.

  1. Remove the clutter. It’s going to be hard to clean your garage if you can’t even access the walls and floor. Remove your car, assuming there was room for it to begin with. Then, start emptying out your garage of whatever you’ve got in there—be it bicycles, toolboxes, plastic containers, et cetera.
  2. Clean the walls and floor. What you are probably left with is an empty garage that looks like it’s seen better days. Well, make it a better day. Sweep up and mop the floor so it sparkles, just like the day your first met. Don’t forget the walls. You might want to dust your shelves as well.
  3. Decide what can go. Chances are, you don’t want to put all of those belongings back into the garage. Determine what is “junk”. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used the item in six months and it doesn’t have sentimental value, you might not need to keep it around.
  4. Store what you want to keep. After disposing of the junk, you can put the rest of your belongings into your newly cleaned garage. This includes your car! Once you’re done, feel free to admire your work. You did a great job, and now you don’t have to worry about garage junk anymore.

We hope these garage cleaning tips help bring some peace to you and your garage. Of course, if you are struggling with the process of hauling those junk items out of your garage, you can always contact a professional junk removal company. Businesses such as 5 Star Junk Removal provide garage clean outs for those who want to clean their garage out but lack the time or the energy for it.