How to Get Rid of Garage Junk with Minimal Hassles

Getting Rid of Garage Junk Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Wondering how to get rid of junk in garage areas? While the simple answer is to put it all out on the curb, it’s not always that simple. Your local trash pickup service might not even accept everything you put out, and there’s a lot of work involved just getting it to the end of the street. However, just because the work can be a little challenging doesn’t mean you should throw your arms in the air and give up! We have some helpful pointers for you based on our experience cleaning out garages, basements, and attics. Let’s dig right in!

Emptying the Garage

Of course, an instrument step in the garage cleanout process is emptying it out! However, this is easier said than done. Consider some of the heavier items in your garage, such as old appliances, stored furniture, toolboxes, and maybe even your old grill. Belongings like these are sometimes tough to move. Don’t be afraid to ask a family member or a friend for help. Be sure to have assisting equipment on hand, too, such as moving dollies and straps.

Empty Atlanta garage after a garage clean out

Sorting Through the Belongings

In most cases, you don’t want to simply throw away everything in your garage. After all, some of these items are still useful, and others still may have hidden value. (Consider antique furniture, video games, coins, and comic books, which may have huge resale value.) These are all great reasons to organize everything you removed from the garage. Make a pile of things to keep, and make another pile of things to throw out. Simple!

Dispose of the Junk

Now that you know what you’d like to get rid of, it’s time to get rid of it. While there is no shortage of disposal sites in the Metro Atlanta Area, why not check for things you can donate? If any of your garage junk is in good condition and could be reused, you may want to take it to charities like the Habitat ReStore instead. Wherever you take the junk, be sure to secure it in your vehicle before heading down the road. And, of course, if you don’t have that much junk, you may be able to just put it in your collection bin.

The bed of a junk removal truck full of junk by 5 star

Store the Stuff You Want to Keep

Now that you’ve drastically reduced the number of things you’re keeping in your garage, now’s your chance to put them back in with a much more sensible layout. When putting items back in the garage, we recommend sorting them based on what they are. For example, you may want to dedicate one shelf for tools, another for electronics, and so on and so forth. Or, if putting items in boxes or bins, make labels so you can tell what’s inside without having to open them.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully sorted out your garage, so give yourself a pat on the back.